Description BlueHack LITE cheat for Tarkov

Private cheat BlueHack LITE for the game Tarkov - A good option for earning game currency, as well as for accompanying players on raids!

In the software, you can see the loot in containers, filter it by price and rarity, and there is also a silent aimbot.

Cheat functionality BlueHack LITE

  • Visual: Shows players | Show nicknames | Display boxes | Shows the skeleton of the player | Shows Life | Shows distance to targets | Shows friends.
  • Loot highlighting: Shows things on the map | Setting the display distance | Setting the minimum price for an item to display | Shows boxes, etc.
  • Aimbot: Turn on player guidance | Aim Smoothness | Silent aimbot | Shooting through walls | Aimbot activation button | Aim angle and other settings.

* - When buying packs, you should understand that the use of this software is at your own peril and risk, the possibility of a ban or detection of packs for such a game sometimes happens.

Cheat rates for Tarkov

We advise you not to abuse cheats in the game. Remember, you are interfering with the gameplay and gaining a huge advantage over other players. Small FPS? Poor level of play? Tired of cheaters? I want to have fun? Then it is definitely worth purchasing our software. To win any rinks.

Become a pro player with BlueHack LITE