Description Сollapse cheat for Apex

Private cheat Collapse for the game Apex Legends - this is a high-quality software with good functionality from a well-known Russian developer of cheats for online games.!

This cheat includes all the necessary functionality, convenient use, automatic receipt after purchase. Buy and be aware of where your enemy is in Apex Legends !.

Cheat functionality Сollapse

  • Players: Turn on player highlighting | Highlighting players with squares (color selection) | Nickname highlighting Players | Highlighting and choosing the location of the armor and health bar | Illumination of weapons in the hands of Players, etc.
  • Loot: Turn on loot highlighting | Highlighting players with squares | Loot name | Weapon lights | Illumination of cartridges | Illumination of medicine | Illumination of helmets and armor, etc.
  • Aimbot: Enable aimbot | Aim button selection | Visibility check | Aimbot pickup radius | Distance of aimbot work | Smooth aiming aimbot | Selecting the aim button.
  • Optional: Show the focusing radius (color selection) | Crosshair in the center of the screen (color selection) | Weapon recoil control 0-100%.

* - When buying a cheat, you should understand that the use of this software is at your own peril and risk, the possibility of a ban or detection of a cheat for such a game sometimes happens.

Cheat rates for Apex Legends

We advise you not to abuse cheats in the game. Remember, you are interfering with the gameplay and gaining a huge advantage over other players. Small FPS? Poor level of play? Tired of cheaters? I want to have fun? Then it is definitely worth purchasing our software. To win any rinks.

Become a professional player with Collapse