JANUARY 14, 2021
(The section will be supplemented)

Description of Smurf Softs software for Rainbow Six

Multifunctional cheat - for the game Rainbow Six. The cheat includes functions for a smooth and comfortable game without blocking your game account. Fast software updates and maximum protection. We also provide complete confidentiality to you after the purchase.

Rainbow Six: Siege - Media franchise, created by American writer Tom Clancy, about the fictional international anti-terrorist unit "Rainbow". The franchise began with Clancy's novel Rainbow Six, which has been adapted into a series of successful tactical first-person shooter video games of the same name.

Attention! - We warn you - Not all versions of WINDOWS are supported. If you have a problem with the correct start of the cheat, then you will need to reinstall Windows on the one that we will give you!.

Cheat functionality for Rainbow Six

  • UNLOCK ALL OPERATORS AND SKINS: You get access to all looks and skins!
  • Esp player: All players are drawn in 2d boxes
  • Esp distance: Displaying the distance to the enemy
  • SPEED REDUCTION: Speed up gameplay!
  • Anti-Flash: Disabling flash from grenades!
  • Anti-Recoil: Disabling recoil for weapons!
  • Anti-Spread: Disabling spread for weapons!
  • Long Melee Weapon: Increase the radius of melee weapons!!

* Attention: The functionality of the cheat may be added and changed with the product update.

Buying a cheat for Rainbow Six

Here you can purchase our software for Rainbow Six for a period of 1 - 30 days. To buy a cheat, click on the button with the specified price.

We advise you not to abuse the game with cheats. Remember, you interfere with the gameplay and you get a huge advantage over other players. Little FPS? Poor level of play? Tired of cheaters? Want to have fun? Then it's definitely worth getting our software. To win any ice rinks.

Become a pro player with Smurf Softs