DECEMBER 05, 2020
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Description of Smurf Softs software for PUBG Lite

Multifunctional cheat - for the game PUBG Lite. The cheat includes functions for a smooth and comfortable game without blocking your game account. Fast software updates and maximum protection. We also provide complete confidentiality to you after the purchase.

PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds [LITE] - PUBG Lite is Bluehole Studio's battle royale for weaker computers and smartphones. The gameplay of the game is no different from PUBG.

Cheat functionality for PUBG Lite

  • ------------------AIM----------------------------------------
  • Aimbot : Aimbot adjusting the sight to the enemy
  • Aimbot Visible check : Target Visibility Check
  • Aimbot Prediction : Calculates the flight of a bullet ahead of the target
  • Aimbot Bone : Setting the aiming body part
  • Aimbot Key activation : Configuring the aimbot activation key
  • Aimbot Distance : Setting the distance of the aimbot
  • Aimbot FoV : Setting the range of the aimbot
  • Aimbot Knocked : Targeting knocked targets
  • ------------------ESP----------------------------------------
  • ESP 2D Boxes [1-4 type]: Shows enemies in squares
  • ESP SKELET : Shows the skeleton of the enemy
  • ESP Distance : Shows the distance to the enemy
  • ESP Lines : Draws lines to enemies
  • ESP Loots : Displays all loot!
  • ESP Vehicle : Illuminates cars near you
  • ESP 2D RADAR : Displaying enemies on the radar (right in the corner)
  • ESP Health : Displaying the health of enemies
  • ESP Setting : ESP color setting
  • ---------------Other Visuals---------------------------------
  • Show Visuals FPS: Displaying the refresh rate of the ESP
  • Show Objects Count : Shows the number of displayed objects
  • Show Players Count : Shows the number of displayed Players
  • Show My Spectators Count : Shows the number of players who are watching you
  • Show Teammates : Displays your teammates!
  • Show CrossHair : Draws a crosshair in the center of the screen
  • CrossHair Size : Configuring the displayed sight
  • CrossHair Stroke : Configuring the displayed sight
  • ------------------RAGE----------------------------------------
  • [DETECTED]No-Recoil : Removes recoil from weapons completely
  • [DETECTED]No-Spread : Completely removes bullet spread
  • [DETECTED]No Sway : Disables breathing in the scope!
  • [DETECTED]SuperJump : High jumping!
  • [DETECTED]SpeedHack : Run at the speed of a car!
  • ------------------OPTIONS-------------------------------------
  • Visible Color : Very detailed color adjustment for ESP (Visible)!
  • inVisible Color : Very detailed color adjustment for ESP (inVisible)!
  • Other Settings : Other ESP and Visuals settings
  • Skeleteon Tickness : Adjusting the thickness of the displayed enemy skeletons
  • 2D box Tickness : Adjusting the thickness of the displayed enemy 2d box
  • Line Tickness : Adjusting the thickness of the displayed enemy Line
  • Show distance in the radar : Drawing the distance to enemies on the radar

* Attention: The functionality of the cheat may be added and changed with the product update.

Buying a cheat for PUBG Lite

Here you can purchase our software for PUBG Lite for a period of 1 - 30 days. To buy a cheat, click on the button with the specified price.

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