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SmurfSofts - We provide high quality software. For a comfortable game without blocking your game account!

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About Us

Why should you trust us !?

  • Constant updates

    Quick updates of the cheat, as well as improving the protection of the program from Detected

  • Support 24/7

    Our technical support is ready to help you with your problems 24/7

  • Blocking protection

    In our software, there are functions for a fingerless and comfortable game. Which reduces the likelihood of blocking

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Last News

Actual news of our project

Project news: 14/01/2021

Warzone and ColdWar have been updated!

Added a new cheat for the game R6S

SmurfHack [ ARK ]: Errors fixed!

Project news: 10/01/2021

All cheats have been updated!

Added a new cheat for the game DayZ

The release of the cheat on TARKOV is planned soon!

Project news: 27/12/2020

SmurfHack [COLDWAR]: Updated!

Fixed bugs in the cheat

You don't need to reload the cheat!